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Published in 13/11/2023

Harmony of Knowledge: Exploring Interdisciplinary Synergie

ISBN nº 978-65-84976-83-2
DOI: 10.56238/sevened2023.006-


Death and dying: The perception of nursing students during their education

Wachter DA;
Machado EO;
Kerschner CLN;
Vizini ST;
et al.

Chapter 4


Urinary incontinence in patients of duchenne syndrome

Alves RAP;
Rodrigues TMP;
Chaves CTOP;
Oliveira MRS.

Chapter 5


Gaucher disease: A diagnostic approach, clinical evolution and review

Silva BP;
Souza MAe;
Castro CS;
Carvalho CA;
et al.

Chapter 6


Ecological bricks: The revolution in sustainable construction

Paixão GB;
Santos GS;
Marotta LIM;
Santos RCV;
et al.

Chapter 10


Effect of kangaroo position on premature newborns

Amaral MH;
Gonçalves LFB;
Soares MM;
Libânio PS;
et al.

Chapter 15