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Education in the 21st century

Tomé JMS.
| 790-808

Pedal Project Beyond Vision: Adapted cycling as a citizen practice

Neto JS;
Santos JC;
Arruda RA;
Posenti AP;
et al.
| 530-536

Promoting health in public schools: An experience report on the importance of healthy eating

Moliterno A;
Silva TA;
Meira MZC;
Furlan PLL;
et al.
| 592-595

Childhood obesity: A literature review

Neto JAA;
Moraes NMM;
Somensi LB;
Souza AP;
et al.

Active and productive ageing of older adults, a look at its influencing factors

Ortega-Galarza M;
Avilés MNT;
Coloma KSO;
Coloma MLO;
et al.

Estimation of Pasture Carrying Capacity using the Square Method, Cacaria, RJ

Marins MS;
Fernandes CB;
Silva BP;
Sales ALV;
et al.