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Linguistic prejudice: Situations experienced within the school context

Araujo MAA;
Araújo IGB;
Costa DF;
Fontenele EFT.

Applications of mathematics and physics for the construction of a stress bridge in high school

O’Donnell Krause M;
Pereira Oliveira D;
Luis Arantes Dahlke J;
Filipe Anjos de Carvalho R;
et al.

Board and card games project to raise awareness of school bullying

Araujo FC;
Teixeira FS;
Santos JND;
Barbosa RS;
et al.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: The applicability of IEP in schools

Silva JAG;
Aguiar NB;
Braga JSM;
Martins ACT;
et al.
| 205-211

Full-time education: Challenges and opportunities for the teaching and learning process

Filho TAG;
Lima LAO;
Marques FRV;
Passos CRS;
et al.
| 805-818

System crash: A redesign in the way of teaching

Castro VVE;
Couto RMS;
Gonçalves RP.

The importance of games for the therapy of children with ADHD

Carvalho ASM;
Mesquita TB;
Albuquerque LFS;
Amorim VCP;
et al.