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Published in 04/03/2024

Multidisciplinary Perspectives: Integrating Knowledge

ISBN: 978-65-6109-005-6
DOI: 10.56238/sevened2024.007-


Human and ihuman oppositions to the buffaloes of the Guaporé Valley – in Rondônia

Gonçalves MF;
Oliveira TA;
Santos ALSD;
Viana TS.
| 74-86

Chapter 6


Time of year and fungicides on anthracnose intensity in bananas from Northern Minas Gerais

Fernandes MB;
Castro SGV;
Sousa IPS;
Moura MMA;
et al.
| 123-130

Chapter 10


The ultrasound perspective of the diagnosis of deep endometriosis

Freitas KAL;
Rezende IS;
Freitas CLOLe;
Barros CRT;
et al.
| 131-140

Chapter 11


Thermotherapy in 'dwarf silver' banana produced in the semi-arid region of Minas Gerais

Fernandes MB;
Sousa IPS;
Matos ADM;
Moura MMA;
et al.
| 176-187

Chapter 15


Assessment of adsorption capacity on pallet coal

Freitas JJ;
Ströher GR;
Ströher GL.
| 188-204

Chapter 16


Autism Spectrum Disorder: The applicability of IEP in schools

Silva JAG;
Aguiar NB;
Braga JSM;
Martins ACT;
et al.
| 205-211

Chapter 17


Semiosis of the message in graphic design

Vilchis Esquivel LC.
| 226-233

Chapter 19


Basic principles in antibiotic therapy

Netto FF;
Cleto AS;
Mansani FP;
Cordeiro TMG;
et al.
| 269-276

Chapter 22


Care for foreign body airway obstruction (OVACE) during infant food introduction

Santos RC;
Medeiros SG;
Rocha PFP;
Coutinho ALC;
et al.

Chapter 33


Domestic wastewater treatment with Fenton and Constructed Wetlands system

Marcionilio SMLO;
Gadêlha JEFS;
Carvalho VDF;
Costa AC;
et al.
| 542-550

Chapter 40


Misuse of herbal teas

Simões DVSS;
Freitas JF;
Silva ALC.
| 578-582

Chapter 43 Versão (Português (Brasil))


Main processes of mechanization of biomass from sugarcane: An approach using agriculture 4.0

Magalhães KGD;
Soares VV;
Lima LF;
Moura LEF;
et al.
| 622-642

Chapter 46


Poisoning by herbal medicines

Simões DVSS;
Freitas JF;
Marques GO.
| 682-686

Chapter 49 Versão (Português (Brasil))


Antifungal essential oils in dental practice

Carvalho DTY;
Souza HMM;
Assis PH;
Ortolani CLF.
| 687-700

Chapter 50 Versão (Português (Brasil))


Chagas diseases

Amaral IM;
Machado AE;
Nascimento LBB;
Oliveira SS;
et al.
| 727-739

Chapter 52 Versão (Português (Brasil))


Education in the 21st century

Tomé JMS.
| 790-808

Chapter 55


Mental health and human rights: An analysis of rights violations and resistance processes

Silva JL;
Pires RS;
Pereira SS;
Oliveira EC;
et al.
| 809-815

Chapter 56


Herbal medicines in dentistry

Polo AB;
Tomé BV;
Silva CP;
Tavares LCD;
et al.
| 816-830

Chapter 57 Versão


Unreduced gamete formation in Curculigo capitulata (Amaryllidaceae)

Silva N;
Sales GLM;
Vidal ÍJA;
Tomasi MFR;
et al.
| 831-837

Chapter 58


Every head, a sentence: Deconstructing stigmas in mental health

Rozeira CHB;
Silva MF;
Araújo SOS;
Cruz GJM;
et al.

Chapter 64


Hypocalcemia in Jersey dairy cows

Pelegrini MMB;
Molinari PV;
Lopes IC;
Gueretz JS;
et al.

Chapter 66


Ozone therapy in veterinary medicine – Literature review

Botacini SB;
Silva MECe;
Ferraz ML;
Cunha IAT;
et al.

Chapter 67


Eficácia dos dentifrícios clareadores: Revisão integrativa

Silva LMGO;
Timóteo LCD;
Filho HLL;
Vasconcelos RA;
et al.

Versão (Português (Brasil))


Medication options in the treatment of cutaneous american tegumentary leishmaniasis

Miranda CGL;
Cardoso JMG;
Alcântara LON;
Santos LCR;
et al.

Chapter 72