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Health sciences education and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Miranda LHS;
Silva GHM

Lohany Horsts Stock Miranda

Gustavo Henrique de Melo da Silva


Health teaching
Education in the Pandemic
Health education


At the end of January 2020, the WHO declared that the COVID-19 epidemic constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, and in March it became a pandemic.  After his arrival in Brazil, several protective measures were taken by the authorities, the main one being social distancing.  This study aimed to discuss the main changes in the teaching-learning method that emerged during the pandemic, as well as how these changes impact health teaching throughout Brazil. The great challenge of teachers regarding remote teaching was the training of future health professionals, who need to train, stimulate the formation of clinical reasoning, integrate theory and practice, use of active teaching and learning methodologies and curricular flexibility. In addition, another challenge witnessed was learning how to use new information and communication technologies in the distance learning modality to continue their teaching process. The current context shows that health teachers and students are inserted in a context that favors mental illness caused by COVID-19. Therefore, the pandemic has affected all areas of education, as well as health teaching, requiring the training of teachers as well as psycho-emotional support to overcome the challenges they encounter.



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Copyright (c) 2024 Lohany Horsts Stock Miranda, Gustavo Henrique de Melo da Silva


  • Lohany Horsts Stock Miranda
  • Gustavo Henrique de Melo da Silva


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