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Augmented reality in exposure therapy assistance: A clinical point of view

Rodrigues JA;
Merlin B;
Fülber H

Jocenildo Abreu Rodrigues

Bruno Merlin

Heleno Fülber


Specific Phobia is a subarea of anxiety disorder, and one of the forms of treatment is through exposure therapy, in recent years augmented reality has emerged as a new alternative to exposure therapy. We propose to evaluate the requirements found in the literature and in the interviews with therapists, to develop a mobile application that fits the needs presented in the clinical context. The study is in the pre-development phase and the outcomes of the interviews for the elaboration of the scenarios, it is expected in the results the insertion of reality in clinical environments in the treatment of animal phobia, and if possible, the inclusion in the Clinical Protocol and Therapeutic Guidelines (CPTGs).



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Copyright (c) 2023 Jocenildo Abreu Rodrigues, Bruno Merlin , Heleno Fülber


  • Jocenildo Abreu Rodrigues
  • Bruno Merlin
  • Heleno Fülber