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Methodology of teaching sports fights applied in elementary school

Buch G;
Vidal RG

Guilherme Buch

Rafael Gemin Vidal


Martial arts
School Physical Education
Body practices


School Physical Education provides different experiences for its students, through body practices, whether manifested in dance; in gymnastics; in sports; in the corporal practices of adventure and in the fights, being these contents of paramount importance for the sociocultural formation of the student, contributing for his formation as an individual for the society. The present research aims to investigate the teaching methodology of sports fights used by physical education teachers in elementary school. This research is characterized as applied, quantitative, descriptive and field. The non-probabilistic convenience sample consisted of five elementary school Physical Education teachers listed in state schools in the city of Porto União - SC. The results obtained through a questionnaire developed for research, indicate that most teachers use the content of fights in their classes. Among the modalities mentioned are capoeira, karate, taekwondo, boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu and sumo. As for the methodology used, most use theoretical and practical content on the subject. However, the research found that the frequency of use of fights during the school year is low.


DOI: 10.56238/devopinterscie-145

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Copyright (c) 2023 Guilherme Buch, Rafael Gemin Vidal


  • Guilherme Buch
  • Rafael Gemin Vidal