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Chess game as an educational aid in the pedagogical process, for learning and motivation

Ferreira JHF

João Henrique de Freitas Ferreira


Chess game


This investigative study aims to investigate the experience of using the game of chess as a pedagogical didactic resource, in the facilitation of learning and school motivation, through the chess project in the state school Helena Pugó, school where the study was conducted, with the high school students of this school in the municipality of Recife of the state of Pernambuco,   Brazil. With this work, we sought to know what influence the game of chess may have provided in the learning and school motivation of students of the 3rd (third) year of high school, showing the benefits that this seemingly simple game had its contribution, helping in school performance and student performance. The methodology of the study used was of a qualitative nature, as it is more appropriate and indicated for this educational investigation, with better application results. The data collection instruments used were, for the participating students, a semi-structured questionnaire applied by the researcher, and for the participating teachers, an interview with the investigator. The research showed that the practice of students with the game of chess provided all the benefits narrated in the theoretical framework, such as the improvement of reasoning, memorization, concentration, attention, decision making, among other qualities that chess stimulates in its practitioners, helping to improve learning and school motivation of students and, consequently, school performance and educational success as a whole.



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  • João Henrique de Freitas Ferreira