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A study on the discomfort of virtual reality glasses: A systematic review

Antônio Althoff Bolan G;
Pozzebon E;
Reis de Sá Júnior A

Giácomo Antônio Althoff Bolan

Eliane Pozzebon

Antônio Reis de Sá Júnior


Augmented reality
Virtual reality
Motion Sickness.
Realidade aumentada
Realidade virtual
Motion Sickness.


The aim of this article is to present a systematic review of the literature on technological innovations in the use of Virtual Reality glasses and possible discomfort. Based on concepts such as “cybersickness” and “motion sickness”, we will have a starting point for deepening our knowledge of the effects of using virtual reality glasses, such as nausea, headaches and others. The methodology used in this systematic review and bibliometric analysis focused on the discomfort associated with wearing virtual reality (VR) glasses. The research adopted a quantitative analysis of the data and information available on the subject, with the aim of understanding the effects such as nausea, headaches, among others, when using VR glasses. The results obtained in the review addressed various aspects of VR use, including the promise of immersive VR being safe and effective for application in the elderly, with no significant records of symptoms of simulation sickness. The research highlighted the importance of understanding user needs and satisfaction in the process of designing and implementing VR solutions, highlighting how VR can play a significant role in a variety of contexts, from pre-occupancy assessment in the elderly to training and reducing symptoms of kinetosis using VR technologies. In addition, it was investigated whether individual characteristics of balance and tendency to kinetosis are related to vulnerability to cyber sickness, a side effect caused by the use of virtual reality with head-mounted displays. In summary, this systematic review has contributed to the understanding of the discomfort associated with the use of VR glasses, exploring strategies to minimize adverse effects and improve the user experience, with the aim of increasing the adoption of this technology in various areas.


  • Giácomo Antônio Althoff Bolan
  • Eliane Pozzebon
  • Antônio Reis de Sá Júnior