International Seven Journal of Health Research

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Focus and Scope

The International Seven Journal of Health (ISJH) is linked to Seven Publicações Ltda., CNPJ: 43.789.355/0001-14, and is a bimonthly journal aimed at scientific publications of scientific articles or literature reviews from scholars from various countries. It is a bimonthly journal related to the Health Sciences themes, covering the following areas:


  • Dentistry;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Nursing;
  • Nutrition;
  • Collective Health;
  • Speech Therapy;
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy;
  • Physical Education;


We emphasize that the journal offers free access to the content available on the site and all bimonthly issues are available on the site. Finally, submissions are continuous flow and the periodicity of publications is bimonthly.


Our mission is to spread health-related knowledge in an accessible, unanimous, and intercultural way, always seeking to adapt ourselves to the innovative, practical, and progressive thoughts of the factual reality, to connect research and the researcher in one place. 


At the International Seven Journal of Health (ISJH), we act with respect and integrity, in addition to respecting the legal rules and regulatory principles in the countries in which we operate. Our conduct and corporate culture always meet the values of plurality, diversity, promotion of equality, integrity, probity and efficiency. Therefore, our ethical principles, values are our direction and impulse in the search for the promotion of science and education, which are sometimes disregarded, yet our ethics and values do not allow irregularities to be practiced and, if observed, we aim at the total elimination of the nonconformities.


We are a young company, created from the pandemic perspective to confront the negationism that plagues science and health worldwide, seeking, in this way, to eliminate retrograde practices. In this sense, we are inspired by the "enlightenment", however, the aspect that we bring is not the positivist, but we want to adapt and emphasize again the isonomic science, free of prejudices and privileging the scientific methodology as a whole. Furthermore, aligning with contemporary and ethical medical practices, following all available protocols, as well as ethical and market legal practices. Finally, we have emerged to spread scientific knowledge in an egalitarian way, to try to approach the scientific communities and the general public to eliminate misinformation and harmful practices to health, which is a right and a cherished asset.


We are a journal created in 2022, and despite our brief history, we invite everyone to participate in our journey. Our journal is on social media instagram, Youtube, Facebook, to facilitate the propagation of scientific knowledge quickly to the general public. For more information, the page has biannual updates of relevant information and achievements.


We adopt the Open Science model, which means that readers do not need to be affiliated with the journal or subscribe to access its content. Also, in this sense, we promote diversity and multiculturalism, being aligned with development. Therefore, we repudiate all acts of violence, racism, or that are in disagreement with human and fundamental rights, we seek the promotion of gender equality and accessibility in our professional ethics.