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Conceptualization and Measurement of How Cool the User Experience Can Be: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Divina de Sousa Santana R;
James Ferreira D;
de Oliveira Berretta L

Rosângela Divina de Sousa Santana

Deller James Ferreira

Luciana de Oliveira Berretta


This article presents a systematic review of the literature in order to define a more general concept of the term "coolness" and exemplify how it can be operationalized to measure how much the user experience is "cool". The motivation for carrying out this work is that the term has been integrated into the design of computational interfaces and has become part of human-computer interaction (IHC). Despite the valuable contributions to date, there is still no well-established concept. There is a need to develop a more comprehensive definition and a demand for the creation of an instrument that can determine how cool a computational interface is. Through a systematic review of the literature, articles that address the term "coolness" were analyzed. In this process, several subconcepts linked to each area were integrated, as well as instruments generated from these subconcepts to measure how legal a digital product is.



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Copyright (c) 2023 Rosângela Divina de Sousa Santana, Deller James Ferreira, Luciana de Oliveira Berretta


  • Rosângela Divina de Sousa Santana
  • Deller James Ferreira
  • Luciana de Oliveira Berretta