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Sustainability as a new business model: a brief analysis of natura's green marketing

Praxedes Constâncio S;
Rocha de Souza K

Samantha Praxedes Constâncio

Kellen Rocha de Souza


green marketing
green economy


Since the interaction between consumer and seller, originating from the trade, has begun it has been that according to microeconomic concepts, as explained by the principle of optimization of supply and demand, the consumer always seeks the best consumption standards within his reach, as well as industry and seller seek to market the best one wants for their product or service to be purchased. To facilitate this interaction an important strategic tool promoted by human action is marketing, which exposes to its target audience the social value of a product to be chosen. With the increase of environmental awareness on the part of some consumers, emerged in the 1990s the concept of green marketing, strategy implemented within a business and focused on plans and actions that benefit and prioritize the environment, whether in the production, operation or dissemination of the product or service. Given this context, the objective of this research is to present how sustainability can influence the decision and purchasing power of consumers, given the motivation and importance of sustainable consumption thinking, and to analyze the use of green marketing by Natura, considered pioneer in this area. The methodology used is the review of the Natura company's literature and analysis of information, such as business characteristics, its name, vision and image, advertisements and financial indicators, namely the variables of its consolidated net revenue, Consolidated EBITDA, consolidated net profit and average daily traded volume of shares in the years 2018 to 2020. This analysis shows that the implementation of green marketing in the business model can be a growing trend in the world and that it is essential that companies invest in this business tool, so that they can remain in the competitive market and preserve the environment.



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Copyright (c) 2023 Samantha Praxedes Constâncio, Kellen Rocha de Souza


  • Samantha Praxedes Constâncio
  • Kellen Rocha de Souza