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Musicalization in pedagogical practices: dry coconut in the spotlight

Pacheco WCF;
Nascimento JC

Wladia da Costa Ferreira Pacheco

Jussara Cassiano Nascimento


coco seca


This article aims to present some pedagogical practices that have been developed with students of the third year of elementary school I in a federal public school, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with the curricular component music education and which is based on the theme of sustainability as a strategy guiding principle for carrying out the pedagogical proposal, using dry coconut as the raw material to be used. In this way, an interdisciplinary bias is inserted in the project where we work with some curricular components: History, Geography, Science and Portuguese. The theoretical and methodological foundation is inserted in the conceptions of Benjamin (1994), Penna (1990), Fazenda (2001), Certeau (1996), among others. We opted for narratives as the guiding path for writing the article, because, like Benjamin (2002), we believe that by narrating our knowledge and pedagogical strategies we are offering real work possibilities so that others can reflect on their own practices. And in this context, we support the position that music, in addition to articulating knowledge with other curricular components, intersects valuable knowledge for the student's life.


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