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A neuroscientific approach to the importance of emotions for the meaningful learning process

Silva CG;
Nóbrega MP

Clarice Gomes da Silva

Manassés Pereira Nóbrega


Aprendizagem Significativa
Meaningful Learning


This article investigated the intersection between Neuroscience and Education, highlighting important contributions to the understanding and improvement of the learning process. Highlighting the importance of emotions in the educational process, from a neuroscientific perspective. Initially, we discuss David Ausubel's theory of meaningful learning, emphasizing the importance of motivation and emotions in the consolidation of knowledge. Next, we explore the emerging field of Neuroeducation, which seeks to translate neuroscientific findings into concrete educational practices. The relevance of neuroplasticity was addressed, showing how the brain adapts and reorganizes itself in response to stimuli and experiences, directly influencing learning. In addition, we examine the role of emotions in cognition, highlighting their fundamental interconnectedness and their impact on the effectiveness of the educational process. The research aims to contribute to the discussion of how emotions influence and interact with the way we learn, and to highlight how they are intrinsically linked to the process of meaningful learning. The study used the bibliographic methodology, and is developed with the literature review of Casassus and Morim (2009); Santos (2000); Goleman (1995); Ausubel (1978); Cosenza (2011) and Fonseca (2002). Finally, in the final considerations, we emphasize that although the findings of Neuroscience offer valuable insights, there is no universal approach to pedagogical practice, highlighting the need to consider individual diversity and the interaction between emotion and cognition to promote more meaningful and motivating learning.



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