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The Crystal Building: Sustainable performance and technologies

Shinoda TG;
Meirelles CRM

Tabata Genovese Shinoda

Célia Regina Moretti Meirelles


The Crystal
Sustainable Strategies
Bioclimatic Architecture


Over the past few decades, the concern for sustainability as a crucial component in construction has grown, as has the discussion surrounding its integration into the sector, with the purpose of achieving higher qualitative and beneficial efficiency and user experience. In the architectural field, there is a great interest in improving studies of ecological solutions that reinvent building techniques, materiality and the application of energy sources. In this research, the primary methodology employed is the case study approach, centered around the building known as The Crystal, located in London, United Kingdom. Presently, the building serves as the City Hall. In this context, the research objective is to analyze the connection between the local climate and the primary sustainable and technological strategies applied to the project. This analysis is carried out through digital simulations, physical models, and critical analyses. The building was designed by Siemens as a part of the “London Sustainable Cities” program and has received recognition for its energy efficiency measures and the application of bioclimatic architecture from the beginning of its construction. This building embodies a number of sustainable development principles, including the use of geothermal heat pumps for its bioclimatic systems, renewable energy sources, the effective application of natural ventilation and highly effective materials for thermal and acoustic comfort, which, in short, convert this project into a reference within the theme of sustainability and will be studied and detailed within this research.



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