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The place of chemistry in the new high school: Promoting environmental education through awareness about the use and disposal of plastic

Silva AP;
Machado SS

Ana Paula da Silva

Sônia Salgueiro Machado


Environmental education
Chemistry Teaching


In view of the great problem surrounding the unconscious use and disposal of plastics and the observation within the school environment and its surroundings, the need for a study aimed at raising awareness about the use and disposal of plastics was perceived. After questioning the students about the problem of plastics, it was noted the importance of inserting this theme in the high school chemistry classes of the Adalberto Marroquim State School. This fact motivated the approach to the theme "Polymers" and, from there, the development of a didactic sequence with classes aimed at greater knowledge on the subject. The teacher's mediation is essential to assist critical development and awareness, also drawing attention to the theme of sustainability, so that the student understands the world around him and what his role is in this context with a view to mitigating environmental impacts. The main objective of this didactic sequence is for students to know how to recognize  the different types of polymers, focusing on the sustainable consumption of plastic materials, so that they can actively act in the place where they are inserted, contributing to society. This problem is highlighted in Chemistry classes, seeking a place in the new scenario of education in Brazil, with a view to the implementation of the New High School, bringing the Formative Itineraries, and within these, a prominent outfit for Chemistry. At first, questionnaires with multiple-choice questions were distributed to assess the class's knowledge about plastic and its risk to the sustainability of the planet. The students' answers indicate the need for an educational product that consists of a booklet that can contribute significantly to the chemistry classes of any teacher who wants to address this theme, drawing attention both to the knowledge of "Polymers" and to the conscious use and disposal of these materials, contributing to sustainable development and effective awareness. The initial results of the work



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Copyright (c) 2023 Ana Paula da Silva, Sônia Salgueiro Machado


  • Ana Paula da Silva
  • Sônia Salgueiro Machado