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The relationship between organizational climate and employee motivation of a hemotherapy center

Silva PM;
Lélis EC

Patrícia Marques da Silva

Eliacy Cavalcanti Lélis


Organizational Climate


The health sector is essential for the maintenance of life and today the blood donation policy in Brazil is regulated and emphasizes voluntary donation. Because it is such an essential area, this study is significant for these professionals to be supported and to be able to provide the best care to the population. The objective of this study was to evaluate the organizational climate and employee satisfaction of a hemotherapy center in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in order to understand the main factors related to individual motivation and to propose actions that contribute to its improvement. The present study was qualitative and is a descriptive-exploratory case study. Two questionnaires were applied: Job Satisfaction Scale (EST) and Organizational Climate Scale (ECO). Frederick Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory was chosen to provide the theoretical foundation for the work. These instruments were answered by eight professionals from the nursing sector. In the results obtained, it was shown that the hygienic factor satisfaction with the boss was the topic that generated the most satisfaction and the motivational factor satisfaction with promotions was the one that presented the highest percentage of dissatisfaction. Proposals are also presented to improve the motivation rates of female employees and, consequently, their well-being, the work environment and productivity.



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