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Humanized leadership in organizations: What benefits can it bring to your company?

Junior ERC;
Junior JAF;
Santos AR

Eraldo Rodrigues de Carvalho Junior

Jair Alves Ferreira Junior

Andréia Ribeiro dos Santos


Humanized leadership
Employee motivation
Empathy and transparency


This article on Humanized Leadership in Organizations aims to show the improvements that a more humanized management brings to the work environment. We will begin by showing how the work environment as a whole has undergone changes over time, emerging the need for a more pleasant place for employees, showing that only the salary is no longer enough for the staff to feel motivated. Our article brings ideals of great authors who served as a basis for the dissipation of our ideas and purpose, and based on these authors, we could and transcribe with more autonomy what we want to convey with this article. As a main tool we used the methodological procedure through a descriptive quantitative research, where we analyzed the result of ten applied questions and obtained answers that showed how much the employees of a drug distributor in the city feel more motivated to have a leadership that treats them with more empathy and transparency, and that knows how to deal with the most adverse situations without losing respect.



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Copyright (c) 2023 Eraldo Rodrigues de Carvalho Junior, Jair Alves Ferreira Junior, Andréia Ribeiro dos Santos


  • Eraldo Rodrigues de Carvalho Junior
  • Jair Alves Ferreira Junior
  • Andréia Ribeiro dos Santos