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Educational technologies: The unthinkable use of spreadsheets

Medeiros J;
Gonçalves RA

Jonas de Medeiros

Rafael Alberto Gonçalves


Electronic Spreadsheets
Work and Teacher Training
Information and Communication Technologies


This expanded abstract is an excerpt from the studies carried out by the authors regarding the consequences in the adoption of computerized systems in the academic environment (face-to-face and distance) in order to be a driver of student development and a facilitator of teaching obligations regarding the teaching of mathematics at different educational levels. However, when evaluating the impact of a set of virtual/digital tools directed to the calculation of mathematical expressions critically, it is common to find users of different academic levels who resort to different technological tools for simple mathematical operations, and because of this no longer resort to their own reasoning, thus losing the foundations of simple mathematical operations. Therefore, continuity was given in the investigative procedures which revealed the permanence of logical inconsistencies (arithmetic) throughout several updates of the available systems and added to the other fragilities can, to a certain degree, collaborate for considerable crises which will be explored in the course of this cut, which is characterized by being a report of teaching experiences in the critical-reflective teaching of educational technologies and a continuum linked directly to the authors' work both at the academic level and at the market level (MEDEIROS and GONÇALVES, 2018).



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Copyright (c) 2023 Jonas de Medeiros, Rafael Alberto Gonçalves


  • Jonas de Medeiros
  • Rafael Alberto Gonçalves